Weekly Timetable - Better4All Table Tennis Clubs….🏓 8 Jun 2022


          W/C 06 - 12 June 2022

Monday | 4-6pm St Luke’s Kids*

Monday | 6-10pm Book 1:1 Lessons 🏓

Tuesday | 2-4 UTC Teens - UEL*

Tuesday |5-8pm Book 1:1 Lessons @TBA🏓

Tuesday | 8:30-10pm Drop-In @Britannia

Wednesday | 11-12:30pm St Luke’s Women*

Wednesday | 3-6pm PH+ Only @Brit*

Wednesday | 6-10pm Book 1:1 Lessons🏓

Thursday| 10-12Noon - LeaWayTeens*

Thursday| 7-8:30pm DropIn, Britannia LC

Thursday| 8:30-10pm DropIn, Britannia LC

Friday |2-4pm Age50+ DropIn @Britannia LC

Friday | 7-8:30pm Drop-In/Coach’g Clissold LC

Friday | 8:30-10pm Drop-In/Coac’g Clissold LC

Saturday | 09-11am PH & Friends-*  @N1**F

Saturday | 11-12:30pm Drop-In, Britannia LC

Saturday | 12:30-2pm  Drop-In, Britannia LC

Sunday | 4-8pm Book 1:1 Lessons @Brit 🏓

BookOnline or JustTurnUp with cash or card

Cost per session/person is approx £5:50 per person (session times may change)

Book 1:1 Lessons - Subject to availability🏓 Best to book early & in advance!


Please note @KingsHall LC, London E5 0NU

Please note @Clissold LC, London N16 9EX

Please note @Brit/Britannia LC, London N1 5FT

Further Info: chris.beckley.tt@gmail.com

Tel: 07378840390

Web: www.clissoldttc.co.uk