TrulyFullHouseFriday9t@Clissold 🏓Extravaganza 22 Oct 2021

Tonight at ClissoldTTC will be truly an extravaganza with top CLTTL top flight tabletennis in action as ClissoldTTC Division 1 Team takes on the Giants of South London - Fusion 1.

Truly a match not to miss as our top UK 30 ranked star Joe Langley-Ferreira will be in action alongside ex World top 500 Eric Hammond.

Sure will be fun to see how the young, impressive & rapidly uprising stars of fusion take on ClissoldTTC trio including Street tt star - Fulvio in his first div1 outing for clissold.

And behind the curtains tonight will be the all inclusive drop in session for all and sundry…!

Just turn up and have unlimited tt🏓fun 🤸🏿‍♂️😆🙏🏽💐👍🏽🏓🏓🏓❤️